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Guangdong Z.F


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Guangdong Z.F EQUIPMENT Co, Ltd is a high-tech numerical control equipment research and development, production, sales and service of high-tech production and sales, which consists of a team of more than 20 years experience in machine tool R&D and production.

The company adhere to the core business philosophy of"integrity, harmony, innovation and quality", the company pursues the goal of pursuing customer satisfaction in an all round manner, insists on implementing fine management, continuously improves quality, and continuously forging ahead, always committing itself to providing customers with high-quality CNc equipment and service.

The current core products are: industrial aluminum CNC machining centers, aluminum doors and windows processing equipment, aluminum template Nc machining equipment, gantry friction stir welding, high-precision multi-axis robots, non-calibration automation equipment. We are guided by the principle of credibility first, quality and mutual benefits, and we are willing to work together with you to create a brilliant future Since the establishment of the company, the company has continuously improved its customer service system, fully implemented modern management concepts, and standardized R&D, quality, production, sales, and service management systems. In line with"people-oriented, adhere to echnological innovation, pursue perfect quality, improve service, "Operating principles, to provide users with first-class quality products and perfect service.

The company is fully customer-oriented and focuses on meeting the requirements of the industrial aluminum industry, new energy aluminum processing industry, rail transportation, aluminum doors and windows, and other product requirements to provide targeted numerical control products and services.

We have always been committed to establishing long-term partnerships with each of our customers nationwide. Wherever we are, we provide our customers with the most diverse product offerings and at a more cost-effective price, and we have branches throughout the country. Local users provide quick and efficient after-sales service. 'We firmly believe that only a company,'s "innovation"and " honesty" can continuously transform itself from success to glory in the vast sea of thousands of boats.

Innovation" enables us to succeed in this environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist. "Integrity" allows us to win over users. ZF EQUIPMENT looks forward to working with you to create a better tomorrow.

Become a leader in aluminum deep processing technology

and build the spirit of Zengfeng craftsmen.


Refine on
Serious, detailed and rigorous work to ensure perfection.

People oriented
It has achieved the goal of all-round human development, respecting, trusting and caring for every employee, so that every employee can grow and develop, and realize their own life values and dreams.

Pragmatic Innovation
Be down-to-earth and constantly create effective management model and products needed by customers.

Efficient and fast
Active, pioneering and enterprising, high-speed completion of work, absolutely guarantee results.

Customer first
Respect and care for customers, constantly exceed customer expectations and needs, and constantly improve customer satisfaction.

Excellent quality
With noble personality, cast excellent products and provide excellent service.

Be bold in taking responsibility
Respect for duty, dedication, commitment, hard work and implementation in place.

Fair and decent
Be strict with yourself, be realistic and honest with others.

All-win harmony
Create a good business atmosphere, sincere cooperation and seek common development.

Determined to innovate

"Innovation" enables us to succeed in an environment where competition and development coexist, opportunities and challenges coexist; and "integrity" enables us to win the majority of users.

Customer satisfaction

Quality First

Market orientation, customer demand

We are committed to establishing a long-term partnership with each of our customers throughout the country. No matter where we are, we provide users with the richest variety of products and higher cost-effective. We also provide local users with fast and efficient after-sales service through branches throughout the country.